Seal Coating

 CalWest Paving Co applys all asphalt seal coat material by hand or by machine to allow the proper thickness of material to be applied, no spraying is done by CalWest unless it is a must.  

What is the purpose of sealing asphalt?

Sealing asphalt prevents it from oxidizing over time and eventually losing the binding agents that keep it intact. Generally, the asphalt binder will begin to erode within six months of installation. Asphalt sealer will help to protect the pavement from harsh elements and damaging chemicals.

How often should asphalt be sealed?
For new pavement, seal coating should be completed within 60 to 90 days following installation. Existing pavement should receive a seal coating treatment every three or four years.

How do you fill cracks in asphalt?
The two types of crack filling materials that we use are cold and hot. Cold pour material is used on cracks up to half and inch. Hot filler is needed for cracks that are larger than half an inch.

Can oil spots be removed?
Oil spots can be prevented with the application of a special primer prior to seal coating. In the event that spot is beyond treatment, patching is usually the necessary solution.

You can feel confident knowing that all of our materials are nonhazardous and environmentally friendly.

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