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asphalt patch repairWhen does something need paving and what does this include?
There are several indicators that your pavement may need reconstruction. Instead of scrapping all of it and starting over, your best option may be to remove the top layers, leaving the base materials exposed. Once we dispose of the worn materials, we re-grade the base before installing and compacting fresh asphalt. We also provide the option of pulverizing and compacting the existing asphalt into the new materials for a more durable pavement.

Overlay and Resurfacing
As a more cost-effective option, overlaying and resurfacing acts as a facelift for your pavement and extends the life of the surface until major repairs are needed later on. This process begins by sweeping and removing any debris from the surface. Depending on the integrity of the existing pavement, Petromat (road fabric) and SS1 tack oil may be required to create a moisture barrier. Tack coat is used even if Petromat is not needed. The final step is applying and compacting the asphalt.

For smaller holes and pooling areas, patching is the most viable solution. Even though the problem areas may seem insignificant, they can become more costly and even dangerous if left untreated over time. There are two options when it comes to patching. Surface patching involves adding a new later of asphalt to even out the surface so that it matches its surrounding areas. If removal and replacement is necessary, our team will cut out a portion of damaged area, assess the base materials and apply new materials at the same grade of the surrounding surface.

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